For your own peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you have adequate medical insurance and cancellation and trip interruption insurance when traveling outside of Ontario which protects your dollars in the event you need to cancel a planned trip. Travel Quest has partnered with Manualife Financial and would be pleased to advise you of the many options available to you.


Top Reasons to Purchase Insurance with Transat***

1. You have to cancel your trip because you, a family member or travelling companion are ill or have been in an accident. No need to worry, you are covered by our cancellation insurance.

2. You are sick or have been involved in an accident. Even a mild stomach upset or a fall can prove quite costly. We are there to help you get the assistance you need and to cover the costs.

3. In case of illness or accident, you will not have to pay anything at destination, as you would have to with many other types of coverage. Many insurance plans require that you pay the amount on site and reimburse you upon your return. With Transat travel insurance, you travel worry free.

4. Lost or delayed luggage? Our luggage insurance covers up to $1,500 for lost luggage, and up to $500 for luggage that is delayed for more than 10 hours.

5. You have to return home earlier than you thought? These things happen, and we will take care of the costs, thanks to the “travel interruption” clause.

6. You decide not to travel for whatever reason? Our cancellation insurance will cover up to 75% of your trip if you cancel more than 14 days before your departure, as long as you purchased your insurance within 48 hours of booking your trip.

7. If after booking your trip, the Canadian government issues a new travel advisory warning Canadians not to travel to your destination… we will refund the non-refundable portion of your booking that was paid and insured in advance.

8. There’s no emergency, but you would like some travel advice, restaurant suggestions or business services, then our Concierge Club Plan can help you.

9. You missed your flight or your connector due to weather conditions, an earthquake, volcano eruption, mechanical problems or a flight schedule change… We will reimburse the cost of a new flight.


*** Certain conditions/restrictions may apply. Please contact a sales centre agent.

 To purchase Transat Travel Insurance

You’ll be offered the option to purchase Transat insurance when you book your trip. Choose the insurance plan that best suits your needs and travel with complete peace of mind!

Contact us at Travel Quest for your travel insurance needs.